Dear Anita / Dear Cassie


December 2016

Dear Anita: Ain’t Love Grand?

Dear Anita, Do you believe in soulmates? I never have. Maybe it’s my distaste for the idea of perfection in general. What does it mean to be a perfect person? Does perfection leave room for mistakes? How can one be... Continue Reading →


Dear Cassie: Grown Up Life Sucks

Dear Cassie, Growing up, I always thought it was pointless for people to wear concealer and blush. Then when I learned about contour, I was thinking Are people out of their minds?! Why spend any money on that kind of... Continue Reading →

Dear Anita: I’m Sick…AGAIN

Dear Anita, On this day, three days before Christmas, my true love gave to me: a highly contagious (albeit mild) rhinovirus. While I am meant to be wrapping gifts and baking cookies, I am instead huddled into my warmest socks,... Continue Reading →

Dear Cassie: Weightloss Nevermore!

Dear Cassie, Is weightloss even a thing anymore? Does it actually exist? As you may know, I just recently started my new job as an Office Assistant 3 weeks ago. I have this thing, where any time I start a... Continue Reading →

Dear Anita: RIP My Marriage!

Dear Anita, I am at a loss! Over the past several months I have watched my husband slowly disappear, drawn helpless toward the playful seductress that is...Rocket League. Slave to her every update, desperate to be granted her Challenger Elite... Continue Reading →

Dear Cassie: What’s Your Recipe for the Holidays?

Dear Cassie, I'm so thankful that my job is only 2 miles away from my apartment, opposite direction from the mall. I get to avoid all the holiday traffic nonsense, and waiting for people to cross the streets with a... Continue Reading →

Dear Anita: God Help Us it’s Christmas!

Dear Anita, ‘Tis the season! Time for crisp, bright mornings, the sweet scent of woodsmoke, and (these days at least) the persistent, asthmatic drone of inflatable lawn ornaments. When I was younger I desperately waited for the days after Thanksgiving.... Continue Reading →

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