Dear Cassie,

I’m so thankful that my job is only 2 miles away from my apartment, opposite direction from the mall. I get to avoid all the holiday traffic nonsense, and waiting for people to cross the streets with a million bags filled with things that are all too heavy for them to carry on their own. Maybe that’s an over-exaggeration, but that’s what it feels like. People taking their sweet time to cross the street even after the walk signal has already turned to the flashing red hand signaling for people to not cross the street. Maybe I lack patience when driving, and wish that pedestrians and drivers alike should all abide to traffic laws!

When driving by South Coast Plaza, the glittering, bigger than life sized Christmas ornaments perfectly placed at each entrance to the main parking lot are so eye-catching and beautiful (I love glitter!). But, when I see them, the fear of being stuck in 30 minute parking lot traffic alone before you can even find a parking spot is terrifying! Or how about going to the market just down the street from the mall to pick up groceries, and have to deal with all the cars coming from that direction to go to the mall? Such a horrendous site when you see an endless line of double red lights in the direction you’re going, and another with double white lights opposite the direction you’re going when you’re about to turn left onto the street your main market is on. Gives me the chills just thinking about it.

Most days, the therapy I choose over shopping is to just kick off my shoes and read a heart-warming book with some nice music in the background. Maybe some Netflix to distract the silence every now and again, but at least I get to see some real life people without having to leave the house.

Sometimes, I brew a nice cup of green tea that my dad brings for me from China … I think they are those monkey picked oolong teas. He’s a huge tea connoisseur, and indulges in the finest teas from China and Taiwan. A good book and a nice cup of tea especially in this cold weather is both soothing and relaxing.

What is your recipe for the Holidays?