Dear Cassie,

Is weightloss even a thing anymore? Does it actually exist?

As you may know, I just recently started my new job as an Office Assistant 3 weeks ago. I have this thing, where any time I start a new job, I commit myself to doing some sort of change. Be it, being more organized, waking up earlier, healthier habits, more writing time, more reading time, whatever. 3 weeks ago this time, I decided that changing my eating habits at home and making lunch – I should be OK. I even get off work at 3:30pm now instead of 6pm which of course meant more time to work out!

So I started to do a little yoga, and cooking more lean proteins at home e.g., fish and chicken – yay me! But whenever I forget to bring lunch to work, I always think Okay, no big deal. I can use my 30 minute break to take a nice little nap in my car and snack on something when I get home. NOT! Instead, every time I forget to bring lunch, someone from my office always ends up bringing food for the entire office. Like today, we had two salad choices: Cesar and Cartwheel Salads from Stonefire Grill. On top of that, there were 2 kinds of Tri Tip: Garlic Aioli and Barbecue. There was Pepperoni Pizza and the most amazing breadsticks ever from Stonefire, and last but not least – KFC Chicken Strips *dead*. But I didn’t eat lunch and I was hungry!!! Anddd to top that all off, we even got dessert today! Our choice of Banana Creme or Apple Pie. Apple Pie! A delicious and cinnamoney slice of Apple Pie! How could I resist? So I’m thinking …


All my healthy eating at home and attempts at working out after work, are all countered by lunch at work! And here I am, putting my friends to shame about their holiday eatings – my situation isn’t any better!

Wait just one minute. Am I seriously complaining about getting free, delicious food and dessert? What’s wrong with me? I love food and food makes me happy! So I guess that’s okay~ No one should ever complain about getting free food especially when it’s GOOD free food!!!

But seriously. The new year is around the corner – Praise the Lord. This year has been so rocky, and I’m so glad it’s almost done. I just want to kick 2016 to the curb and say very mean things to it so that it will never come back! Sorry, got sidetracked. As I was saying, it’s time to make New Year Resolutions again, hallelujah! I need to find a way to have more self control around free food *sad face* and make better workout habits. Hoping to tone up and shed a few extra pounds!