Dear Cassie,

Growing up, I always thought it was pointless for people to wear concealer and blush. Then when I learned about contour, I was thinking Are people out of their minds?! Why spend any money on that kind of makeup anyway? What a waste of money!

I’ve always laughed a lot my entire lifetime. I guess I was a happy child ~ Everyone always told me that I would blush a lot whenever I laughed, so I thought why would I need to use blush, when someone can just make me laugh. Free blush! Haha.

The only makeup I’ve ever worn was eye makeup: eye shadow, eyeliner, false lashes, and sometimes mascara … until a couple of weeks ago. That was when I realized, man, adult life really sucks. I took a work selfie a few days prior, and all looked normal until you made your way to my right eye. The dark circles around my right eye especially are so dark, it looked like I had gotten a black eye! Jesus! So I had to get eye concealer to hide that and face concealer with blush and blah blah blah to even everything out. I haven’t seen my face with such glow in so long! I mean, wow! Makeup does wonders!

Not enough sleep and stress and sometimes not drinking enough water could cause poor complexion; or in my case, dark circles around the eyes. Man, does life suck. Can’t taking care of your face be good enough? Gees Louise! There’s really something out there for everything, isn’t there?

So this week was the first time I used liquid concealer to cover my entire face (ever!), I finally gave in. Yuck. I mean yeah, it gives my skin that nice glow that my face so desperately needs. But when I used my Garnier SkinActive Cleansing Water to take off all the makeup, I looked at the cotton pad and saw all that gunk that just got taken off of my face; that gunk called liquid concealer. Bleghh! I used to be that person making fun of others who wore concealer and foundation … yet now I am one of them that was being made fun of by past me doh!

Who would have guessed that bad sleeping patterns and stress would lead to poor complexion later down the road? I sure as hell wasn’t thinking that far ahead during my childhood years.

Here’s to Adulting and all the fun stuff that comes along with it!