*drumroll* and which one will it be? 🙂

Dear Cassie,

On the surface, the word language sounds just as flat as it looks on paper. Sometimes, even the meaning of language could be just as boring. But when I think of language, I think of culture, diversity, and a broad aspect of all sorts of different things. If I spoke Chinese to you, it may sound like gibberish – some of the words or tones may even sound funny too. But, in another part of this world, the sounds and tones and these words mesh together to help create meaning, feelings, and emotions in their culture – I mean, isn’t that something worth pondering over?

Chinese was my first language, and traveling to and from Taiwan for a few of my earlier years didn’t help me capture English as a language completely; not during grade school anyway. Yes, I ended up majoring in English at Long Beach State, but I didn’t choose the major to excel in it – I was already familiar with the language at that time. I chose English to learn the literary and creative side of the subject. I wanted to learn to advance my creativity with instruction. Sure, we have multimillionaire authors like J.K. Rowling who didn’t go to school for English or Creative Writing, and still managed to excel in her skills. I, however am not that. I can tell you why I didn’t choose that as a major though, I didn’t choose it to become a walking encyclopedia. I don’t know all of the words to the English language … so what? I still learn new words on a daily basis, and I think that’s the beauty of it. When you learn a new word, you have to dig in deep to know the meaning, and how to use it correctly in a sentence – or even just in every day conversation. And then, there’s the spelling of the word. When everything is used correctly, it makes us English nerds get all giddy inside.

As is with writing. I’m currently working on my novel piece, and it’s hard! Sometimes, no matter how much creativity I try pouring out in a single writing session, everything that sounded so great in my mind ends up sounding so flat and boring once I have it written down. Then, the dreaded, unwanted delete button skips over everything I just typed and wipes it out of existence. Zip! and it’s gone. The process alone is very discouraging, but it isn’t means to quit. Not yet. Because once the words and language have been bent and molded to capture all the feelings and emotions, adding the extra oomph where needed, the words almost flow out like a lyric; beauteous. A lifeless sentence, turned into an eye-catching, lyrical line. And! Who knew that would be just the medication to help keep you motivated and continue writing.

Writing is an art, just like music, drawing, painting, photography, etc. Like others, we all feed off of different things to motivate and push us – convincing us we shouldn’t quit. Mine is to see a dead sentence come back to life with a few minor tweaks.