Dear Cassie,

Didn’t we all go through Driver’s Ed, take that daunting Written Exam at the dreadful DMV, and afterwards, the long awaited Driving Test. Only after passing all 3, do you get your credit card sized Driver’s License – ready to take on the road.

What I don’t understand, is, why doesn’t it seem like anyone knows how to drive anymore? Or is it just in Southern California, where nothing is ever right? Specifically, I’m talking about people changing lanes … it drives me nuts! There is never a single day that goes by, where I’m not cussing in my car like a fucking sailor! Yes, it is a courtesy to let someone over when they signal. Even then, sometimes people are rude and don’t want to give you the spot in front of them – that’s fine, wait for the next opportunity you get. But, I absolutely hate it when people try to squeeze into my lane without signaling – and how was I supposed to know to give you the courtesy of entering my lane if YOU DIDN’T FUCKING SIGNAL!!!!  And, sometimes, they do signal! They really do! After the fact that they’ve already rudely entered your lane without signaling, and they signal after the fact! Well, congratulations, because you just made yourself look like a fucking idiot. “Gee, I think I’m going to signal left after I get my ass in that lane … just so they know.” Really? REALLY? I’m sorry, but it really pisses me off.

If you’re not going to signal, then don’t signal and look like an ass. But don’t make yourself look like an idiot too by not signaling when you’re supposed to, and then signaling when you’re not supposed to.

OR … how about that one idiot who’s so determined to run the yellow light, only to stop in the middle of the intersection like an idiot after the light turns red? I mean honestly, if there were cameras, they would’ve gotten a ticket already – might as well have just drove off. Sometimes, they block oncoming traffic, because the head of their vehicle is too far out – past the line. And, by stopping – okay, they didn’t run the red light, but, now everyone can see them making an idiot out of themselves by being in the middle of the street!

Oh, and my absolute favorite: In-n-Out traffic. Isn’t that the truth? It seems that every In-n-Out is always snuggled away at the corner of some street. So many people have become so accustomed to the convenience of drive thru service, that they’d rather wait inside their cars in long lines, rather than finding a parking spot and entering the restaurant – even for a take out order. And, this causes fucking chaos everywhere. There is a spot on Bristol in Santa Ana, and as you know, Bristol is an extremely busy street! South Coast Plaza is on that street for crying out loud! But, people want their burgers and fries, so the entire corner turning lane has been dedicated to In-n-Out goers. Let’s stop traffic so we can all get our food without parking and leaving our cars! Ugh it pisses me off.


Ah, people and their stupidity … definitely helps make the world go round 🙂