Dear Cassie,

I haven’t been this sick in 4-5 years. Why me?! Why Now?! My upper body is so sore from coughing so much and so hard. I feel like I’ve been doing sit-ups continuously for days. This freakin’ sucks!!!!

I’m one of those people who never really gets sick, but when I do get sick, I get really fucking sick. I have mild asthma too, so having chest congestion doesn’t really make me a happy camper. I walk around a lot at work, and I have to stop frequently now JUST so I can try to breathe and catch my breath. Oh lordy.

I had a nightmare that I died last night… this cold is the worst I’ve ever had – it really is! I wake up in 1-2 hour intervals throughout the night where I would cough myself awake. And, sometimes if I’m coughing really hard, my nose will start to bleed in which, last night, it did. From both nostrils, mind you. That shit’s for the birds.

I’ve always had issues with nose bleeds ever since I was a kid. I was told that I have some sort of magnesium deficiency or something. When I travel and the weather temperature is different be it humid or dry, my nose won’t like it and it will choose to bleed. Attention whore.  If I’m in an argument, or I choose to not speak my mind and stay pissy, my nose will bleed. My boyfriend always makes fun of me that I take “lukecold” showers. Well, I’d like to take warmer showers, but if the temperature rises … you guessed it. My nose will start to bleed. But! Never in my life has my nose started bleeding because I was coughing too much!

I mean I guess most of my cold is gone. Nasal Congestion: gone. Sore Throat: gone. Chest Congestion: Lingering. Merp. What did I do to deserve this? 😦 I usually don’t prefer to take medication, so I don’t want to go to the store and buy more than what I already had to buy. I like sticking to natural remedies instead.

Here’s hoping that I will get better soon and not die by burying myself in chamomile tea, warm lemon water, oranges, and lots of fluids. My dad also suggested that I start eating this apple yogurt thing that he drinks, which isn’t bad! I personally use about 6 ozs. of lactose free milk, half an ice cream scoop of plain non-fat yogurt, and half an ice cream scoop of strawberry yogurt, chop up a whole apple and blend away with my Magic Bullet. It’s actually light, healthy, and quite tasty 🙂



* ** Update***

Do you remember that growing up, getting sick was one of the best things ever? Not only did you get to miss class, you’d also get a Mc Donald’s Happy Meal after each doctor’s visit. Well, I did anyway.

I’m still just as miserable as I was 9 hours ago when I last posted. But I thought about how the tables have turned from getting sick as a child, and getting sick as an adult. And, I thought to myself I deserve my happy meal, I deserve to feel good despite feeling like shit. So, I went and got an adult happy meal for myself – Little Caesar’s.

Adult Happy Meal on a Budget (;

2 Pepperoni Pizzas and  Crazy Bread Combo. And the icing on the cake? Buttery Garlic and Marinara Sauce. All to myself … haha kidding. Good thing my boyfriend loves pizza, while I, on the other hand just need some comfort food to get me through this terrible cold.

Happily (now),