Dear Anita,

Did you know, if you step into See’s Candies, just the middle of a gray day, no occasion, they will hand you sweetness? Wrapped in stiff, pleated paper. A drop of milk chocolate with a rich nougat center. Given freely.

A much appreciated gift.

I lick what has melted onto my fingertips and run my eyes across bright red packages stacked under pure white lights. The shining glass canisters full of lollipops. Gold cellophane packages of butterscotch chews.

I needed this today.

The pink hearts hanging from the tiled ceiling and the little white bears crowded against the window. I needed to breathe the sugar and the chocolate and the toasted almonds. To remember how these simple things can feed me, belly and soul.

And when I leave (a small, red package under my arm) I am handed one more thing: a vanilla pop. It smells like the childhood I always wanted.


God, how I needed this today.