Dear Anita,

Enough of this winter! I am a born and bred Southern Californian. I need my sunshine!

I miss our long afternoons. The evenings I spend on my balcony, eating hefty spoonfuls of mint chip ice cream while the asshole hummingbirds jockey for prime nectar spots in the blooming trees.

I miss nights slept with my window wide open. The din of crickets and distant traffic my favorite lullaby.

For now I’ll have to settle for my lunch retreats into the foothills. Soaking in the few hours of sunshine that pour into the canyon before the clouds come back in and rains flood the trails.

I think I might belong in those canyons with their twisting, winding roads. Where else might a traffic jam be caused by a couple of off leash huskies spooking a spotted horse? Where else in this overpopulated land can you find true silence, broken only by calling insects, the birds, the fast-running creek? Where else might a neighbor erect a massive gnome statue and paint it fresh each month with pithy advice?

This month: go and smell the roses.

When Majestic Gnome Man provides advice, you take it!

I suggest you do the same. The weather calls for more rain tomorrow. And the next day. And next week as well.

Come on Spring!