Dear Cassie,

In the midst of loneliness, confusion, anger and sadness from my previous post, there is a light!

I’ve always kept my friends circle very tight, very small – for the reason that I don’t need any fake people in my life. But, I am guilty of not staying in touch with them as much as I should. Stupid adult life always get in the way of everything, gosh! Over the past week, I’ve been reaching out to those I haven’t talked to in a while, and the feeling is so good to know that those you love and trust will always be there for you, always picking things up exactly where you last left off. Even friends who I speak with on a more regular basis, have shown me how truly blessed I really am.

I’ve been sick for the past few weeks, and just recovered. Almost. My voice is gone, but not completely – body is still a little weak. And, this week, you showed me that Taco Tuesday is for friends, is for healing, is for comfort.

I have a friend in Riverside who travels to Costa Mesa to come see me at least once a week. Granted, there’s not much to do in Riverside, but the fact that she takes the time to get ready and drive here to spend time with me means a lot. She is not one to judge any situation. Even when my boyfriend and I decide to pick a stupid fight and I wish she’d take my side for once, she always looks at the situation from both angles. Unbiased. Real. True.

Like the saying goes, quality over quantity. Quality of friendships are much more important than the number of friends in your life.

So, on this cold gloomy day, I want to share the warmth of hope and love that good people truly exist, and that it is friendships like yours that help make the world go round.