Dear Cassie,

Have you ever wanted to do something, but was too scared to? And, have you ever wondered some time down the line: What if I did?


I don’t remember how many years in a row, where losing weight has made it to the top of my New Year’s Resolutions List. But, have I ever cared to do anything about it? Nope. I love food too much, and I’m not willing to give it up! Like the pin, centered and bold on my backpack says: NO. I always come up with great ideas though – A for effort? I have a decent sized collection of Workout DVDs ranging from Yoga to Pilates, Dance to Aerobics, Weights to Toning. I can exercise before work. I can exercise when I come home from work. Exercise during the week, and rest weekends. Do some squats while waiting for the shower water to warm up. ETC.ETC.ETC. Well, I’ll let you in on a secret: I never did any of them. The hour before I leave to work is used for sleeping. The 2-3 hours after work is used for napping. Weekends are used for sleeping in, dining out, and hanging out with friends. Exercise? What’s that?

My current job is less than 2 miles from my apartment. First thought: Less time traveling to and from work! *thumbs up* It is actually 1.77 miles to be exact – how did I get so lucky?! I can leave 10 minutes before work and still get there on time. I can get home sooner and start napping at an earlier time. But, never did I think that I could walk to and from work. Not only as a means of challenging myself to keep a exercise routine, but also to help enjoy some cardio and clear my mind. And, it was amazing. The sound of street traffic was my morning white noise: music to my ears. I thought of absolutely nothing, and walked the distance from my apartment to my work. I wore my backpack today to feel more secure about my walk. At the same time, it brought me back to high school when I’d leave super last minute to try to make it to class by 8am, except this time, I have to be at work and by 7am! So, I left an hour early at 6am. I started having second thoughts. Is an hour enough time? What if I want to take a nap in my car during lunch time? What if I start tomorrow instead? I quickly pushed all these thoughts aside, and just started walking. Towards the apartment complex pedestrian exit, further and further away from my car. Before I knew it, 35 minutes had passed from when I left, and I was standing in front of my office building, and with time to kill!! Wow. I was shocked. The cardio definitely gave me more energy to start my day off at work, and made my body feel better too. It’s amazing how something so little, such a small change, can make such a big difference to your day.


I probably should have been smarter and checked the weather report for today, but it wasn’t raining this morning, and I did it. I walked to work. It’s starting to rain a little harder now, and I’m hoping it will stop within the next 2 hours, so I can enjoy my walk home. If not, that’s okay too because I do enjoy the rain every once in a while – especially when I’m not driving in it.

& Now.

About these holes in my boots that tend to get my socks wet during the rain …. that’s a whole other story.