Dear Cassie,

As if living in South Orange County wasn’t bad enough (rent wise), these complexes have to charge us for the convenience of using their community laundry rooms too! I mean, I guess I never really second guessed any of it since I started living in apartments with my boyfriend some 3 years ago. You know, you figure a dollar something for laundry isn’t all that bad. At least the water and electricity isn’t being metered and charged onto your dime. Until last week.

Currently, our complex charges $1.75 per load to wash and per load to dry. $3.50 isn’t much to complain about really. What’s worth complaining about is having to make the time to go up and downstairs from your apartment to put the laundry in and take it out when it’s done. I know, I’m lazy 😛

Last weekend, we did 2 loads of laundry so that should have been $3.50. Nope. My credit card got charged a whoppin’ $8 for 2 loads of freakin laundry!!!! Of course I complained to management since I got double charged, and they gave me the number to the manufacturing company of their laundry machines for me to get my money back. Had I known, I wouldn’t have even called because they told me that once they sell their machines, it’s out of their control. Great. Our manager is still waiting to get his petty cash to be able to pay me back, but I mean come on, really?? I need to wait 1.5 weeks to get my $3.50 back. Forget it. I’m never doing laundry in the complex again!

So, earlier this week my co worker was talking to me about taking her laundry down the street from my apartment, literally the next street over; so close, so win. She gave me the inside scoop on the prices which were way more reasonable than our laundry room. $1.50 per load of laundry (single load), and $0.25 per 10 minutes of dryer use. I spent a total of $2 today and my laundry was both washed and dried. That’s saving $6/month! Ok, that’s not much to complain about, but that’s a good $72 in savings per year! Especially when you’re on a super tight budget, $72 is a lot of money!!

Leave it to the rich who try to charge every single penny to those who are barely able to make a living, huh?

Glad we found out about this sooner than later though. Would have hated to have found out later down the road. Sure, going out and doing laundry means you’d want to do the least amount of driving around as possible, otherwise you’re using all the money you just saved on gas. So, I brought Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides with me and decided to read for the 50 minutes it took to wash and dry my clothes before the joyful folding began. I mean, why not?

It’s nice to be able to have some time to yourself every once in a while. It helps you relax, and just have a good time without conversation. And, adding a book to that time spent only means being able to briefly enter a different world for a very short amount of time. Escapism from the real world can be very beneficial to our health too.