Dear Cassie,

I feel like all of the prayers I’ve been saying for my dark circles to disappear have finally been answered. The heavens are showering my eyes with so much love! It’s actually a funny thing, but I’ve never taken good care of my face. I’d go days without washing my face, leave makeup on for days, etc. I know, I know. It all sounds so gross now that I think about it, but growing up, I didn’t have a normal family like most people did. Dad was always working and too tired, Stepmom didn’t give two shits about me, and well, I had lost my mom at age 6. I guess there just wasn’t much discipline or much structure built around anything. So as I got older, if I was lazy, I just wouldn’t. But, I’ve had dark circles around my eyes for as long as I could remember. I even have these little dots under my eye .. like seriously, what the heck is that? Many of the Sephora employees have told me that perhaps I use too rich of an eye cream and it’s causing buildup. Well, this all started before I even began to invest into eye creams. I use eye cream once every few days, and not too rich either. So … if I’m keeping my face clean and my eyes hydrated by using super expensive eye creams (Clinique Pep-Talk in the AM, Estee Lauder Advanced Night Eye Cream in the PM) WHY DON’T I SEE ANY IMPROVEMENT?!! It was seriously starting to drive me nuts!

My right eye area is also a bit more sensitive than the rest of my face which sucks. So usually I have to stick products with majority “natural” ingredients. Hmph! What. A. Bummer.

I attended Sephora’s Correct and Conceal class this past weekend, and I was so excited I ended up walking out of Sephora with a few of the items they introduced to us during the class. A Color Corrector cream, an under eye concealer, and this under eye shimmering primer thingy. I was so excited!!! I used it on Monday, and on Tuesday, and lo and behold … my lower eye area started to get really dry and scaly.  I felt like I was slowly turning into a reptile. Oh no! My eyes!!!!! So obviously, I needed something that would soothe the dryness under my eye area without irritating it even more than I already had. I wanted something cheap, and something that works well. Luckily, I had to return some things at Ulta and came across this:


I love cucumbers! And apparently my eye area does too! I was really hoping the antioxidants from the cucumber extract in the mask would help hydrate my scaly reptile skin (ha). Step 2 comes with their eye cream that runs for $15.99 on its own, which I’ve been skeptical of trying. The 2-step eye kit was only $3.99, and at buy 1 get one 50% off, of course I bought 2. It has a few uses with the eye cream I feel like, because no one needs to use that much eye cream in one go. When I woke up this morning, I felt that my dark circles were noticeably lighter, and my eye area 10x brighter. I mean, I might as well go be a spokesperson for them right? But, seriously, when you’ve been looking for something for so long that would just work!!!!! & you find the miracle you’ve been wanting/needing for only $3.99. I was still a little bit skeptical about the eye cream because one of the last ingredients is alcohol, and I didn’t know if that was going to dry out my skin even more, but it did exactly the opposite. I love eating cucumbers, and now I know that my face does too hehe 🙂 Hooray to brighter skin!