“When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.”
― Erasmus

Is there any greater delight than finding a book you love and sharing it with a friend? Grab a cup of coffee (or if you’re Cassie, tea) and join us as we encourage each other in our shared love of literature.

Your critics:

Anita, forever a child at heart, has always turned to the written word for escape and intrigue. She was an early devotee of the vampire genre (before it was cool, she swears!), of banshees and shape shifters, psychics and soul screamers, and anything of which Rachel Vincent can dream. These days she’s looking to branch out and see what other worlds may be out there to drop into.

Cassie, alternately acerbic and sweet, devout reader from the age of 4, is a great lover of the written word. She worships at the altar (as we all should) of Margaret Atwood, would never turn down a date with Louise Penny’s Inspector Gamache, and would never, ever under absolutely any circumstance, consider herself too good for a cup of tea, a chocolate chip cookie, and a good cozy bakery mystery.

Just super normal things.